An unconventional proposal for a coffee shop in Thailand

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There are ideas that, in public view, seem crazy. However, in countries with different cultures, cultural or religious acts attract attention or curiosity due to their eccentricity and rarity.

Have you thought about drinking coffee in a coffin? Well, there is a cafeteria where consumers can carry out this idea. Consumers can have a cappuccino and, at the same time, live a spiritual experience.

In Thailand, coffee is present in spiritual events

This curious spiritual proposal was devised by the owners of a cafeteria in Bangkok, Thailand. Death Awareness Café offers an experience from another world, to learn about the wise legacy of Buddha, entering a sepulchral and immersive environment to live the different stages of existence.

It begins with a spiritual revival until you lie down in a coffin, all this accompanied by a cup of coffee. It is a tour of life in a few minutes. Visitors to the establishment learn everything about birth, diseases, and old age according to the teachings of Buddha.

While the spiritual process is taking place, users can enjoy a tasty coffee. Have you been in an intensive care room? This is also part of the experience that this coffee shop offers. But the most unusual thing is that customers can lie down in a coffin while still alive.

The cafe in the center of the Thai capital invites its customers to lie down in a coffin for three minutes. The reward is a 10% discount on the menu full of funeral names, such as: ‘The Last Day’ espresso.

Would you relax in a coffin? Would it scare you? If you visit Thailand one day and go to this place, leave your comments about your experience on our social networks.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez