Caffeine in sports performance

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The sports world must always be very controlled, especially regarding food and drinks. Several organizations thought that caffeine was one of these substances that affected sports performance for many years, even being on the list of doping substances. But currently, many experts and studies support caffeine as beneficial for athletes. Learn all about it in this article.

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Does caffeine affect sports performance?

Caffeine is mostly found in coffee beans and teas in low concentrations. You can get supplements and even sweets with this complement, but until 2004, it was considered a doping substance for athletes. After many studies carried out by experts that year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) updated the list and left it out, all thanks to its benefits.

According to fitness training experts, caffeine can improve memory, concentration, and physical performance. Caffeine also affects the cardiovascular system with positive inotropic effects, increasing contractility and chronotropic by heart rate. Additionally, the central nervous system also benefits, stimulating locomotor activity and anxiogenic-type effects.

When and how should caffeine be consumed?

A moderate dose, which can be understood as a cup of coffee, is recommended before any exercise, as it increases the use of fat during aerobic movements, especially after a fasting period. It is worth mentioning that this will depend largely on each person and their physical condition.

The amount recommended by doctors and scientists is 3 to 6 mg of caffeine for each pound of the body for short-term training, up to resistance training that can last less than 3 hours. All of course, under the supervision of the coaches and each athlete, who must know their limits.

Caffeine is no longer a prohibited substance, but its use is recommended to activate psychomotor functions and help lengthen endurance. That’s why nothing is better than a cup of coffee before a workout. Do not hesitate to contact us to support your business in the world of coffee.


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