3 tips para saber si tu café sigue fresco

El café es un ingrediente que debe consumirse fresco para disfrutar de todas sus propiedades aromáticas y de sabor.  Cuando compramos el café molido o se almacena inadecuadamente, cometemos errores como consumidores, ya que se trata de un producto perecedero que tiene fecha de vencimiento y no podemos mantenerlo durante meses en el refrigerador.  En […]

Un delicioso café en la oficina

La oficina no solo es un sitio de trabajo, allí compartes con otras personas, conversas, estudias y hasta almuerzas. Los empleados llevan a cabo sus actividades en este espacio, pero hay momentos del día para tomarse un descanso y charlar entre compañeros.  Es justo en ese momento cuando más provoca una deliciosa taza de café […]

Did you know people used to drink coffee on a plate in the past?

We still use a small plate under our coffee cup today, but have you ever wondered what this dish is for? How did this custom come about? This formality is very old and has its history, and we will tell you all about it! The invention of the plate that accompanies the cup of coffee […]

Unique ways to drink coffee in the world

Coffee consumption is pretty obvious since many countries enjoy this drink, but they do it in their way. In fact, coffee is used not so much for drinking but as an ingredient for other products in certain countries. But in today’s article, we will focus on the unique ways of drinking coffee that exist in […]

The love for coffee is transmitted to music

The love for coffee is very present throughout the world, and considering that it is the third most consumed beverage in the world, it is not surprising that many people love it. But this love can be transmitted to other things, as is the case with music. In fact, some people suggest that music has […]

Learn about the countries where coffee is produced

There is a lot of work behind a simple cup of coffee. Coffee needs different conditions to be properly grown, harvested, produced, and details like diverse environments and even heights can result in different beans. That is why there is a place known as the coffee belt, a strip that passes through the planet’s equator, […]

Breakfasts that go perfect with strong coffee

Breakfast is the meal that goes best with strong coffee, not only because it is the first meal of the day, but combined, it delivers the perfect energy to face a day full of different activities. However, some ideal breakfasts become essential to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Keep reading to know more. Read: […]

Caffeine in sports performance

The sports world must always be very controlled, especially regarding food and drinks. Several organizations thought that caffeine was one of these substances that affected sports performance for many years, even being on the list of doping substances. But currently, many experts and studies support caffeine as beneficial for athletes. Learn all about it in […]

Types of coffee according to its preparation

Coffee is an energizer with many years of history, and ancient civilizations had already attested to its energetic properties. It is currently the third most consumed beverage globally, with a number of around 400 billion cups a year, added to the fact that it is the second most commercialized product, being surpassed only by oil. […]

Work cafe: a new space for the benefit of employees

As time progresses, working conditions have changed. The business sector knows that for the company to have high productivity and quality, it is necessary to keep the employees happy. But it is not only about the salary part, the workplace has become important for the comfort of the workers. From there arises the work cafe, […]