Chemistry and coffee: what can we observe in a cup of coffee?

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Do you think that humans are the only ones who ingest caffeine? Drinking coffee is a daily practice, but something that seems simple hides many interesting and curious chemical phenomena in the universe. 

This post will discuss chemistry, coffee, and what we can observe in a simple cup.

Discovering more about chemistry and coffee

Several researchers discovered that caffeine could improve the memory of bees. According to a study published in the scientific journal Science, bees who drink a sugar solution with caffeine, obtained naturally through the nectar of coffee, can more easily remember the flower’s essence than those who only feed on sugar.  

Albert Einstein studied the Brownian motion of coffee to explain the existence of atoms. Another curious fact is that caffeine that provides us so much energy is not a substance found by chance in nature: it is a mechanism of defense of the plant against insects. 

The whole environment is impregnated with an unmistakable and provocative aroma when we prepare a cup of coffee. The steam that comes from the coffee cup can carry billions of different molecules, and they are what make it possible for our smell to perceive that pleasant aroma of coffee.

Carry yourself away by the chemistry of the natural aroma! Enjoy the great variety of coffee that we have available in 360F Coffee, and live a magical moment in perfect balance with the universe. 

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez