Coffee cocktails for the winter

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In winter, people choose to consume hot drinks. Coffee combined with certain liqueurs is ideal in this season because it contributes to warm the body, especially if you live in a place where the cold reigns. 

Enjoy cocktails and coffee art by adding ingredients to make delicious coffee and alcohol drinks. Here we will teach you how to prepare three tasty cocktails with coffee in winter.

Brazilian coffee with rum

People who enjoy cocktails and at the same time are fans of “aromatic” will love this combination of coffee and rum. This recipe for a cocktail with coffee is based on a mixture of coffee and alcohol, in which the creamy texture and sweet flavors are combined.


  • 4 cups of hot chocolate.
  • 1 ‍ black coffee cup.
  • 1 cup of rum.
  • ‍1 cup of thick cream.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • A few drops of vanilla flavoring.


  • Add the cream, vanilla flavoring, and sugar to a bowl and mix with the blender these ingredients.
  • Mix the coffee, chocolate, and rum in a pot, then heat the mixture until it boils.
  • Pour the hot coffee into a cup and top with the cream.

German coffee

German coffee is a very popular coffee cocktail for its exquisite taste and easy preparation. What ingredients do you need? These are the components of the iconic cocktail with coffee and brandy.

  • ½‍ ounce of cherry brandy.
  • 5 ounces of black coffee.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • Whipped cream.


  • Add the coffee and cherry liqueur into the coffee cup.
  • Incorporate sugar into the mixture.
  • Cover the drink with whipped cream.
  • Decorate with a cherry. 

Russian coffee with vodka

An espresso coffee accompanied with vodka forms the perfect contrast. Vodka is a dry and strong liqueur that results in a legendary drink, original and intense with sweet notes when mixed with an espresso. 


  • 1 espresso.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • 1 glass of vodka.
  • Cream to taste.


  • Prepare espresso coffee and incorporate vodka and sugar.
  • Garnish with a layer of cream.

Light the blender and use the liqueurs at home to prepare these delicious cocktails with coffee. If you know more recipes for coffee and alcoholic drinks, share them on our social networks.


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