Coffee cubes: refreshing and delicious

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Cold coffee becomes fashionable in summer, and the easiest way to get it is by adding ice to the coffee. It is a simple, fast, and refreshing idea that allows keeping the coffee cold for longer. 

The coffee cubes can be made in the refrigerator; you only need water, coffee, and a bucket that you must put in the freezer for several hours. It’s also a fun way to drink coffee when temperatures rise.

Accompany your beverages with coffee cubes

Having coffee cubes available in the refrigerator can be very useful when we are receiving a visit at home and we want to offer a refreshing drink to family and friends at a meeting or in the pool.

How to do it? We have already told you how to make ice cubes; you just have to prepare coffee in the usual style, either black or with milk, according to your preference. After preparing the coffee, put the drink in a bucket with several cube-shaped spaces and leave it cooling until it is in a solid state. 

You should know that the freezing process takes a little longer than water. If you open the refrigerator door and the coffee is frozen, you can take the bucket out. Prepare a glass of milk with sugar and add the cubes to the drink. And the cubes will keep the cold longer! You will immediately have at your disposal a tasty cold coffee for the hot season. 

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez