Coffee dictionary: learn everything about this source of energy

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Every niche has its vocabulary and terms; the same goes for coffee. The famous grain has its terminology, and behind each word is an interesting story that you should know. 

To be more informed about its history, we offer a coffee dictionary to know exactly where some words used in the coffee industry come from. Prove that you are an expert in coffee in front of your friends. 


It originates from the Arabic phrase “qahhwat al-bun”; Arabs later reduced the word to “qahwah.” The Turks called the coffee plant “kahve,” and the Dutch modified the word until it became “koffie.” Years later, the Italians turned the expression into “caffè.” 


Italian word that means fast, espresso coffee is characterized by its speed during preparation. 


It derives from the Italian word “cappuccio,” meaning “hood.” The color of this coffee variety was associated with the color of the religious dress of the Capuchin monks. 

Latte Macchiato

Translated as “spotted milk,” the term comes from the Italian “macchiato,” meaning “spotted.” It is called this way because it has little coffee and a lot of milk. Coffee “stains” the white of the milk and hence its name.


Mocha is a type of latte to which chocolate or cocoa is added. It originates in the city of Kaffa since there is a very similar coffee grain to cocoa seed.  

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez