Coffee farming: where does it get its nutrients?

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Where does coffee get its nutrients? The answer is basic, and you may know it, but other factors intervene. Find out everything in this post.

Coffee extracts nutrients from the soil and its adjacencies to grow and bear fruit. Each of the elements involved in the nutritional processes of the plant provides special tributes and is key to determining the final profile of the cup.

The soil is provided with organic matter and minerals that nourish the plant through the root, absorbing substrate and water to produce fruits. Both are essential elements since soil provides support and nutrients to the coffee tree, while water contributes to its hydration and development.

Climate and vegetation

Climate and vegetation also influence the diet of the coffee plant, and farmers have to consider these variable conditions to determine the taste of the final cup. 

The relationship of the coffee tree with the soil is so complex that if you plant orange plants in a nearby field, these can bring citrus notes to the drink.

The height of the soil

Coffee crops located in high areas have higher fertility than those found in lowlands. In the heights, the winds are stronger and constant, and there is greater and better distribution of the essential organic matter to nourish the plant. 

Soil depth

The depth of the soil and its porosity favors the cultivation of coffee. If you sow the plant at great depth, the roots will have more access to the search for water; usually, the deep waters accumulate more acids for their healthy growth.  

On the other hand, moderate porosity allows water and air to penetrate the substrate and then be absorbed by the plant. Contact us through our social networks to know your doubts and opinions about the coffee world.

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