Coffee has been consumed for centuries: find out more about the history!

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Did you know coffee was consumed a long time ago? Our modern coffee with heady aromas and incredible flavors did not come to our cup by coincidence. Many events throughout history made possible the encounter between you and the aromatic.

The world has been full of geopolitical conflicts between economic and political powers, wars, and postwar years generating an international scenario of instability, blockades, crises, and famines that have hindered the distribution and marketing of coffee in the past.

Coffee was consumed long ago!

Coffee was consumed in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and coffee consumers drank coffee from roots, starches, seeds, and sweetening vegetables. But there are many other interesting facts.

  • After World War II, Europeans, especially Germans and Austrians, drank a lot of fig coffee.
    While the Luftwaffe bombed the city of London, the inhabitants of the East End warmed their bodies with roasted fig leaf coffee.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte, Republican general, First Consul, and Emperor, loved coffee. An inspiring phrase mentions it: “strong and abundant, coffee makes me feel alive. It inspires me with ardor, strength, and a soft pain that does not stop causing me pleasure.”
  • In 1806, Napoleon controlled almost all of Europe, carried out an International Blockade, and banned any trade with England. Consequently, there was no coffee in France, and the French were forced to ingest large quantities of chicory, an herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family prepared in infusion.
  • The book “The Napoleonic Symphony” by Anthony Burgess narrates that coffee was traded in the cafes of Paris, smuggling at high prices. The amazing thing about this was that his wife Maria Luisa, daughter of Francis I of Austria, drank the best coffee in Ethiopia, Limu Moka, grown over 2000 meters high!
  • Coffee was drunk even in the worst situations, with consumers looking for ways to access this delicious drink. Tell us, what have you done for a cup of coffee?

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez