Coffee roaster: How does the magic happen?

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Coffee is the favorite drink of many of us, something essential to start the day, a drink that transcends time, language, and countries and manages to connect people. Still, there is a long process behind that cup of dark liquid that we consume in large quantities. To achieve that exact flavor and exploit all the characteristics of this drink, a coffee roaster is used. That is why today we tell you the secret behind this machine.

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The coffee roaster and its secrets

Keep in mind that this machine and the coffee roasting process are very old; some rudimentary devices date back to the fifteenth century, perfected over the years worldwide. Currently, coffee roasting at an industrial level is carried out satisfactorily thanks to technological advances, but the process itself has not changed much. However, a key change is the level of roasting, where time is essential, alongside a mixture of flavors.

The main part of a coffee roaster is the rotating drum, filled with hot air at an industrial level. This component is where the coffee beans are placed, increasing the temperature and creating a series of chemical processes, allowing the beans to release their hidden flavor so characteristic of this drink.

Advances in technology allow for better air temperature control, so roasting tends to be more uniform across all beans. Also, some large blades prevent the beans from burning, and they all receive the same temperature treatment.

The coffee roaster is essential today for the industrial production of coffee. However, this does not mean there are no traditional roasting processes, but a good quality roaster is the biggest secret for large operations. In addition, coffee roasting has become an art, from playing with temperatures for different shades, creating blends with different roasts and different types of beans, and discovering new flavors that are far from traditional ones.

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