Coffee with milk: how many calories it has

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Are you worried about the calories you consume when drinking coffee with milk? Coffee alone has almost no calories, but the calories will increase if you add milk, cream, and sugar. Keep reading so you can compare the different types of coffee with milk so you can have better control of your diet.

Drinking coffee with milk with syrup, chocolate, spices, and sugar transforms the drink into an exotic delicacy of intermingled flavors. However, these ingredients can affect our total calorie intake.

We will let you know how many calories are in coffee with milk

There are different types of milk; evaporated and condensed milk are more concentrated and thickened because most of the water disappears – the only difference between the two lies in the amount of water removed. Condensed milk is sweeter than evaporated milk because more sugar is added and contains between 7.5% and 10% fat, while evaporated milk has less water than condensed milk and is usually 4% fat.

For its part, milk cream is a pasteurized, homogenized, and condensed cream with at least 10% fat, usually between 12% and 15%. In the table below, we offer you the calorie content of coffee drinks with milk per 100 ml.

Milk calories

100 ml

125 ml


Evaporated milk 4%


Condensed milk 7.5%


Condensed milk 10%


Milk cream


Skimmed milk (0.1%)



Semi-skimmed milk (1.5%)



Whole milk (3.5%) 64


To not complicate your life, you can have a cup of coffee with 20 ml of whole milk, which is equivalent to 13 calories. This type of coffee is called “cut” and has few calories, but if you enjoy three cups of coffee with condensed milk or “bombon coffee,” you will consume 100 calories.

Size and quantity do matter! Everything will depend on your tastes and the number of dressings you incorporate into the coffee. Tell us on our social networks if you prefer pure coffee or with additional ingredients because, at 360F Coffee, we are pleased to please your palate.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez