Learn about the countries where coffee is produced

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There is a lot of work behind a simple cup of coffee. Coffee needs different conditions to be properly grown, harvested, produced, and details like diverse environments and even heights can result in different beans. That is why there is a place known as the coffee belt, a strip that passes through the planet’s equator, which are the best areas for growing this plant. Get to know the countries where coffee is produced.

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Main countries where coffee is produced

The names on the following list may surprise some of you because we automatically think of Colombia when we talk about coffee. Although this country is on the list, they do not appear first. These are the countries that produce the richest coffee on the planet:

  • Brazil: it’s the largest producer globally, with an annual production of 3,009 tons, translating into 40% of the world’s output.
  • Vietnam: most of the world’s Robusta beans are produced here, with an estimated 1,683 tons per year, of which only 5% is Arabica.
  • Colombia: coffee is part of its national culture in this South American country, with around 555,000 coffee growers in Colombian territory.
  • Indonesia: it is another country with a long tradition around coffee, only that they have had to vary their way of cultivation, giving more prominence to Robusta beans than Arabica.
  • Ethiopia: is another country with ancient coffee traditions. Most of the production of Arabica beans in the world comes from here. More than 12 million people depend on this economic sector.
  • Honduras: is the largest producer of coffee in Central America. The interesting thing about Honduran coffee is its different profiles due to its diversity in regions.
  • Peru: the strengths of Peruvian coffee are the production of washed organic coffees and their smooth cup profiles. We can find Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra, and Mundo Novo among its varieties.
  • India: although tea is king in this country, coffee is one of its main exports. Its main characteristic is its spiciness with hints of cloves and cardamom, as well as low acidity.
  • Uganda: Robusta beans come from this country and represent 87% of its total production. But despite that, just like in India, there is no coffee culture in Uganda.
  • Guatemala: is the country that closes this list, offering great varieties of beans with different flavor profiles.

These are the countries where coffee is produced, and they offer all beans that we normally taste and many ancient traditions and cultures. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our products. We are at your disposal on our social networks.

countries where coffee is produced

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