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Coffee is a delicious product, full of tradition and with many anecdotes around it. Its history and origins are part of our daily life, and the portal published an interesting infographic about coffee that reflects curious facts you may not know. We’re sure more curious facts will pop out in the future, but for now, find out about these facts that attract our attention. 

  • 1.7 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide, compared to 1,6 billion cans of the leading cola.
  • People of the United States are responsible for 35% of this consumption. That’s about 300 million people drinking about 400 million cups of coffee daily. 
  • The espresso machine used to deliver your morning coffee was invented in 1901 in Italy by Luigi Bezzera, who based his device on a basic French design from 1822.
  • Luigi saw a need for a machine that produced coffee quickly so that his staff didn’t take such long coffee breaks.
  • The first advertisement for coffee was in a U.S. newspaper in 1790.
  • Johan Sebastian Bach wrote a satirical cantata about coffee addiction in 1732.
  • Coffee houses were extremely popular in Europe in the 1700s, including Leipzig, where J.S. Bach lived. 
  • These days, Italy has more than 200.000 espresso bars.
  • 65% of coffee drinks are consumed at breakfast.
  • Between 200 and 300 are served at the average espresso drive-thru per day.
  • The Specialty Coffee Association of America estimates that the specialty coffee industry brought 12.2 billion sales in 2006.
  • More than 75% of coffee yields are spent in cafés and coffee shops.
  • Coffee is one of the world’s highest traded commodities, second only to oil.
  • Addiction to coffee was considered to be a social problem in the 1700s.
  • Men say that coffee helps them get the job done, while women say it’s a good way to relax.
  • In 2011, the average price of an espresso-based drink was 2.45 dollars.
  • If you bought an espresso machine for 200 dollars and had one coffee every day, you would break even in 81.63 days.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez