Difference between long and short coffee

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We’re used to having coffee when we wake up, but do you know the difference between a long coffee and a short one? If your answer is no, keep reading to learn how to identify them! 

What is the difference between a long coffee and a short one?

When we talk about coffee, we mention both short and long coffee. However, espresso coffee is classified as medium coffee. In reality, the difference lies in the amount of water added to the beverage during its preparation. 

For example, long coffee requires about 180 ml of water, espresso is prepared with 30 ml, and ristretto needs 15 ml of water. Besides water, other aspects make the difference between one and the other. 

  • Long coffee is more bitter than short coffee: the more water, the more bitter the cup.
  • Short coffee has less caffeine than long coffee because it requires more water and time during its preparation. In the process, more substances and compounds are obtained from coffee. 
  • Short coffee has a more intense flavor and is more concentrated than long coffee.  

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez