Differences in green coffee

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Green coffee is the grain to which a yellow shell called endocarp or parchment has been removed from the seed. This procedure is carried out through threshing and selecting the grains to obtain a quality product. Readers should note that coffee at this stage has not been roasted.

At the time of its distribution and subsequent marketing, green coffee must have some differential characteristics and meet all generally accepted quality standards. It is a rule that finished products should pass a quality evaluation before being sold, and coffee is no exception.

Producers are aware that coffee beans will be available for sale once the required attributes are approved, allowing customers to enjoy a drink that has everything necessary to satisfy their palate.

The grain marketing process is carried out after a profile with specific characteristics for sale is achieved.

Characteristics of green coffee

Green coffee must have a profile or characteristics to be suitable for sale.

  • Uniform color: this feature lets the buyer know if it was harvested at altitude or if farmers handled it with good practices during processing.
  • Moisture: beans should have between 10 and 12% moisture. This factor influences the flavor and aroma of the final cup, and it can also have an impact during roasting.
  • Green coffee beans mustn’t have fungi, live or dead pests, or insects.
  • Coffee should retain its freshness and good smell.

The grains must be impeccable for presentation or sale to the public and meet all the requirements for human consumption. Monitoring this to assess the quality of the grain ensures that customers are satisfied.

In addition, a quality product and excellent performance allow customers to get better prices, gain the customer’s trust and ensure the continuity of business relationships. Follow us on social media to learn more about green coffee and similar aromatic products.


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