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Buying coffee is a daily practice, but many do not know that there are three different options: natural coffee, mixed coffee, and roasted coffee, and they are classified in this way by roasting.
For now, we will dedicate ourselves to natural coffee in this post, an exquisite variety on the market that you will surely love.

What is natural coffee?

We call natural coffee the one made with green beans, which means that these beans are not roasted and do not contain additional ingredients. It is a very pure and natural coffee and does not require complex processes or water.

Particular characteristics of natural coffee

  • It has purity, soft notes, and flavors.
  • Green beans are less bitter than other types of coffee.
  • It comes from the robusta or arabica species.
  • It is sustainable.
  • This coffee has a more complex flavor, as its acidity, body, and fruit remain intact.
  • It does not require a lot of investment for its processing.
  • Green beans are produced on a small and large scale.


Acquiring natural coffee has positive and negative aspects. Among the advantages, it can be mentioned:

  • It is grown anywhere, in both high and low areas.
  • Saves drinking water.
  • It is cheaper and does not require expensive processes or heavy machinery.


  • There are few specialized studies on the natural coffee process.
  • Many coffee growers underuse it, and during the process, many elements of natural coffee are lost due to ignorance or lack of experience.
  • Unstable weather can cause crop damage.

Undoubtedly, the versatility of coffee allows us to offer a wide range of options at 360F Coffee. Which do you like the most? Natural or processed? Tell us on social networks what your favorite coffee is.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez