Discover the origins of the French press

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Are you interested in history? The world of coffee is nourished with countless anecdotes and interesting inventions, and The French press is one of them. With time, it has become a very useful and easy-to-use resource when preparing a delicious homemade coffee. 

It consists of a container and a metal filter as a plunger. Water and ground coffee are placed in the container, filtering in the plunger as it separates the clear from the liquid. 

With this method, you get a beverage similar to coffee from filter coffee machines, but with the difference that it acquires more body and texture in the final cup. Know the origin of the French press.

Origin of the French press

According to some legends, the French press was born in France in 1850, when French peasants used to walk through the fields daily, carrying a jug to prepare coffee. In the process, they obtained a drink of bitter taste but with the ability to provide vitality and energy. The way of preparing the coffee of the time was very simple and traditional: only boiled water and added ground coffee.

One day, the peasant forgot to add coffee to the boiling water, and after realizing his mistake, he removed the pitcher from the fire and added the ground coffee directly to the boiled water. As a result, a frothy coffee with solid particles on the surface was obtained, pushing the bottom of the jug using a metal mesh and a rod for drinking the coffee. In this way, he could take advantage of the cup of coffee.

Regardless of whether this story is true, in 1852, the first French press appeared, and this information was registered and verified. The French Mayer and Delforge patented the idea and called it La cafetiere, but the invention did not end there; then, in 1928, the Italian designers Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta registered a patent for a very similar device that fulfilled the same function. Three decades later, the Italian Faliero Bondanini presented a model with a more modern design that remains to this day.

The French press is an accessible tool and provides effective results when preparing coffee. Its popularity transcended many countries, to the point that many people prepare coffee with this method.

The most popular model of the French press was the Chambord, a device distributed in Europe by the French, until the Danish brand Bodum acquired the patent of the original design. Now that you know the origin of the French press, leave us a comment on social networks. 

Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez