Do not believe in these myths about coffee!

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Throughout history, incredible myths have arisen around coffee. Although it may surprise you in the 21st century, some believe that if you drink coffee, you will not grow. But, if this seems surprising to you, keep reading and know other myths about this delicious caffeinated drink.

Coffee slows growth

This myth is false. According to studies carried out by Helena Jernström of Lund University, caffeine can help remove calcium from the bones, but more so in older adults. However, the amount of calcium lost is very low and can be replaced with two tablespoons of milk for each cup of coffee.

Breasts shrink if you drink coffee

This myth is true. According to a study published by the British Journal of Cancer, researchers were able to verify that women who drank three or more cups of coffee in a day had smaller breasts.

This happens because too much caffeine can affect the body’s hormones and alter the size of the breasts.

Coffee increases cholesterol levels

This myth is true. Scientists have verified that the cafestol component is a stimulant capable of increasing LDL cholesterol levels. But, it should be noted that cafestol is found in the oily part of the coffee and is removed by using a paper filter to process it, explains Jennifer Powell Weddig, a professor of nutrition at the University of Denver.

Coffee is bad for the heart

This myth is false. Although coffee can cause a slight increase in blood pressure, it is the best food to avoid arterial blockages.

“Those with high blood pressure should pay attention to how they feel when they drink coffee,” says Jennifer Powell Weddig, a professor of nutrition at the University of Denver.

Coffee is good for weight loss

This myth is not yet confirmed. Caffeine is present in most weight-loss pills, but it’s not yet confirmed that it helps you lose calories, according to Dr. Halle Saperstein, of the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Saperstein advises coffee with little sugar and using skim milk. On our website, you can get a wide variety of quality coffees. Follow us on our networks for more news like this!

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez