Does coffee help to improve memory?

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It is scientifically proven that coffee improves memory. As you read, coffee helps us memorize or remember all kinds of information. Drink a cup of coffee and go ahead with this reading to learn more about it.

A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore showed that caffeine use contributes to better retention of information for a long time since the compound allows the content to be fixed. 

What did the study consist of?

The study included the participation of 150 volunteers. Researchers showed the participants cards with images of everyday objects such as a chair, a duck, and several others. After seeing these cards, they were given coffee and others a placebo, resulting in those who had taken caffeine showed better retention of information the next day.

The professor of psychology and neuroscience Michael Yassa led the research to determine the effects of coffee on memory and cognition.

In Yassa’s words:

“I’ve seen before that memory consolidation is the process of having memories, strengthening them, and making them more permanent. All the previous studies had always administered caffeine before someone studied, for example, material or something, so it’s not clear if it’s improving their approach.”

“One suggestion in this study is that there is an optimal dose to get this improvement, and it is around 200 milligrams. Above that dosage, people start getting unfortunate side effects like headaches, nausea, etc. Now we are very interested in the brain mechanisms behind this phenomenon, so this was a behavioral study, and now the question is how does it happen, how does it work, and how can we even improve it?

After receiving the caffeine, the participants had to return within 24 hours to receive a test, and the team found that those who received caffeine retained the information better from the previous day. The caffeine improved their abilities to remember items and even identify similar but not completely identical cards.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez