Frying coffee beans: a curious method to roast coffee

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Would you dare to fry coffee? Frying chicken and potatoes is a common practice, but coffee? It’s hard to believe! The truth is that James Hoffman, a coffee expert, dared to experiment with a new technique of roasting coffee in an air fryer. This technique is in testing, and not yet documented.

A different method to roast coffee

James Hoffman is a coffee enthusiast, and author of books such as World Coffee Atlas. The specialist set about preparing fried coffee. After trying this different method to roast coffee, he realized that the coffee was delicious, feeling happy with the result and the progress of the fried beans.

The coffee turned an acceptable brown color. Hoffman checked the coffee after 10 minutes to see if the grains were fully fried. The process took 14 and a half minutes, enough time for the coffee to be completely fried.

The good thing about this is that the coffee does not accumulate grease once it is fried. Subsequently, the expert ground the fried coffee beans and proceeded to filter the fried coffee as in traditional processes.

The result met his expectations in color and flavor. Hoffman said: “It’s not a greasy coffee and it has a smooth buttery flavor.” However, he did not have the same response after preparing an espresso with fried coffee. When preparing it that way, he did not like the final taste.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez