Gastronomic Festival in Quindío highlighted coffee ingredients

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The Gastronomic Festival of Quindío, Colombia, seeks to exalt the ingredients of Colombian coffee. This  was held in Parque Soledén to exhibit local products such as coffee. But it is not an ordinary coffee; Colombian coffee is characterized by concentrating fruits and other dishes typical of the region.

Gastronomic Festival in Quindío, Colombia

The Quindío Gastronomic Festival brings together talented coffee growers in the art of coffee from all over the world. The Quindío Gastronomic Festival is part of the culinary traditions of the area. This event took place between September 23 and 24 and caught the attention of many people. In addition, the free entrance allowed quick access to lovers of coffee products.

Those invited to the call attended the headquarters of the Soledén Comfenalco park to closely observe the native products, such as coffee, derived from preparations with fruits and artisan dishes from the region.

The Festival was attended by cooking experts from 12 municipalities, with dishes based on corn, “forcha” and cooked sausages. The main attraction of this event are the international recipes combined with native ingredients and Colombian seasoning.

The public was able to taste coffee cream with “solteritas,” in an open environment for entrepreneurs specializing in artisanal cuisine. This magnificent world festival is expected to be repeated in 2023 with the presence of multitudes who love the aromatic.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez