How to choose an extraction method to obtain a good coffee?

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The coffee we get each morning is the product of a series of methods and processes that range from the ground grain to the liquid in our cup. There are several preparation methods for coffee, but what is the ideal way to get the best version of coffee?

Each extraction method has a different feature. Here we show you some to choose the one that suits you.

Select the right extraction method

French press

This is a fairly simple method of preparing coffee since it is a technique of extraction by immersion. The coffee is immersed in water inside the container of the French press for a certain period and then filtered. The proportion for extraction is 1:15, meaning that, for every 10 grams of ground coffee, 150 ml of water is used, obtaining a coffee with a thick body and texture because the filtering is done through a metal mesh.

The grinding type is coarse and obtained with water at 90 degrees Celsius, becoming a practical form of extraction and quite useful for those who are entering the world of coffee. It is economical, makes large amounts of coffee, and is very easy to use.


The espresso coffee comes from the famous Italian coffee machines, allowing you to get a fine texture and a bubbly effect that concentrates flavors and aromas characteristic of the espresso.

It is prepared in few but highly concentrated quantities after 25 to 30 seconds of extraction. The drink’s taste is powerful and accurate because it works with specific amounts. Still, the espresso machine is difficult to clean and usually complicated to move from one place to another.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee is the most traditional way of extraction. You get an average grind in 3 to 5 minutes, and the profile of the final cup has a low body, clean, subtle, and very aromatic. 

The coffee makers are easy to clean, and the filter can, in many cases, be reused. Additionally, filter coffee makers can be moved from one place to another.

There are other ways to extract ground coffee, for example, the AeroPress, the Italian coffee maker, or the siphon. Which one do you prefer? Write your comments on our social networks about other extraction methods.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez