How to flavor your coffee with new ingredients

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Coffee can give more than 900 aromas and flavors that awaken the senses. One way to naturally enhance this wide variety of pleasant aromas is by incorporating spices or aromatic herbs.

Certain types of coffee, such as chai, Turkish, or pumpkin, include spices in their recipes to provide unique flavors to the drink. Are you looking to surprise your guests with a different coffee? Here’s how to flavor your coffee with new ingredients.

Flavoring your coffee is simple: follow these tips!

Save the leftover coffee mixture

Be sure not to discard the leftover coffee mixture from the previous day, as you can use it to flavor your coffee even more by keeping it in a container with a lid. Choose a dry, room-temperature place to use in the next preparation.

Play with spices’ flavors

The options are endless for flavoring your coffee; you can add sweet cloves, cinnamon powder, cocoa, orange peels, lemon, and other favorite spices. Add ground coffee and aromatic herbs to a coffee maker and let them infuse to acquire the flavor you want.

If you do not have a coffee maker, place the spices in the cup, let the hot coffee pour over them, wait a few minutes to infuse the flavor, and remove them manually. If you have cinnamon or cocoa powder, sprinkle it directly into the cup. 

Grind spices along with coffee grains

Place roasted coffee grains with spices, nuts, and herbs in the grinder. Grind everything at the same time for varied notes and excellent flavor.

Store coffee grains with spices

Mix the roasted whole coffee grains with spices and aromatic herbs in a closed container. Place the mixture in a moisture-free space, preferably away from light and heat. 

Store for several days to combine smells and splendid flavors of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, sweet pepper, cinnamon, vanilla pods, and more. Each of the selected aromas will be combined harmoniously during the grinding process.

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