How to make latte art

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Espressos are no longer boring or monotonous. These days, coffee serves as a canvas to give life to the brushstrokes of foam that adorn the table of diners; this is the latte art. A sample of baristas’ interest to serve something fun, artistic, and attractive to customers. 

You will be able to discover interesting figures of great significance, express your feelings to someone special, and let out all your wits with the latte art while delivering a delicious cup of coffee! Below, we list the 4 steps to become a latte coffee artist.

Latte art: follow these steps

Step 1: prepare the coffee

For latte art, you must have an espresso machine and quality beans to take advantage of the attributes of coffee. Have a stable cream on which the emulsified milk will serve as decoration with latte art.

Step 2: emulsify milk 

The second step is to emulsify the milk. The best cream is achieved with cold whole milk because it is composed of microbubbles supported by a layer built by milk proteins, a compound that serves as a canvas to make the figures evenly. 

Step 3: choose the technique

All art requires technique, and there are two methods that you can use to decorate with latte art: free pouring and etching. 

The free pouring consists of emptying the emulsified milk from the jug at the final cup that contains the espresso. As the milk falls on the coffee, the baristas move their wrist to create the figures with the milk.

The etching technique is more complex and elaborate and requires tools such as chopsticks, templates, chocolate syrups, or vanilla. The barista pours the milk and draws the figures in detail.

Step 4: make the figures

This stage is crucial in latte art. The barista will try to make a design that positively impacts customers, grabbing the cup by the handle so that the drawing is in front of the customer and allowing the client to choose from various figures: spikes, swans, hearts, etc.

Decorate your latte coffee cup with the artistic figure of your preference and comment about how your drawing looks on our social networks.

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