How to obtain strong coffee

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People consume coffee in hundreds of ways, but one of the most popular modalities is the one that is prepared strongly. Strong coffee takes on a penetrating flavor and aroma, and many prefer to make it that way to enjoy the variety of nuances of this delicious infusion.

An intense coffee in the morning wakes us up and fills us with energy, and if you add milk, you will be able to perceive its flavor remarkably. Do you know how to obtain a strong, full-bodied coffee with an intense flavor? We explain it here.

Get a strong coffee

Before preparing a good intense coffee, you must consider the quality of the bean, the roast, and the preparation method. Next, we explain step by step how to obtain a strong coffee.

  • Choose a quality grain: this influences the flavor and intensity of the coffee.
  • Roasting is essential to prepare a strong coffee: dark roasting develops bitter notes for strong coffee flavor, so proper control is important to stop the roasting process at the right time.

The preparation of the infusion also greatly influences the final drink. Espresso machines from bars will get an intense and full-bodied espresso coffee; meanwhile, the Italian coffee maker that we usually use at home produces a strong coffee but with less body, and if we apply the traditional drip method, we will obtain a smooth and light coffee.

If you like soluble coffee, check the package label. Brands offer various intensities of coffee that adapt to individual consumer preferences. The tags generally show these characteristics: black, dark, strong, etc.

To make a correct selection of grains, it is necessary to balance dark-type roasting with a preparation method that provides the required body. For example, powerful flavors and strong aromas are ideal to combine with milk. The resulting brew is perfect for taking a deep breath to fully enjoy the freshly brewed strong coffee’s aroma.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez