How to prepare and serve coffee at Christmas

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A delicious hot coffee always accompanies family gatherings at Christmas for the winter. That warmth of home is only felt when we are on Christmas Eve or end of the year with our loved ones, those we share daily, and those we have not seen for months or years.

In these festivities, we always share a coffee with an enveloping aroma while we talk, hug, or accompany ourselves for the wait of the new year. 

Do you know how to prepare and serve coffee to complement the Christmas menu? Here are some tips for those wonderful family moments!

Tips for preparing and serving coffee at Christmas

  • Choose quality ingredients, such as 360F Coffee, since the company offers the best coffee beans, ground, and capsules.
  • On Christmas Eve, make sure to have a warm latte ready for family and friends to reduce the body’s chill feeling.
  • Before the Christmas or New Year party, take a small survey to find out what kind of coffee visitors like: coffee with milk, black or black coffee, and cut coffee. 
  • Use proper tableware to keep the coffee warm, preferably porcelain.  
  • Accompany the coffee with a jug of hot milk, a jar of cold milk, and sugar sachets.
  • You can accompany the coffee service with sweetbreads, desserts, and nougats or surprise guests with a different type of coffee: mochaccino, chocolate coffee, or Irish coffee.
  •  Add spices like cinnamon to give the coffee an aromatic touch and a more intense flavor.

What do you think about these recommendations? How do you usually serve coffee at Christmas? Tell us everything on social networks so that others put your ideas into practice during this holiday. 

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez