How to taste the best coffee

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Waking up with a strong aroma of coffee fills us with joy and transforms the environment with enveloping magic, creating an intimate, familiar, unique moment every morning while tasting the best coffee.

There are ways to enjoy the moment we taste coffee at home fully. Sharpen your senses and implement these techniques to savor each sip and enjoy its aromas.

Fragrance and aroma

Evaluate the fragrance of the ground coffee before brewing, then the aroma that it exudes during and after brewing. Doing this allows you to identify the flavors of the infusion.


When we taste coffee, we perceive a typical sour taste, but we do not realize the type of acidity, which can be malic, lactic, or citric. A simple way to determine this characteristic is through a simple comparison:

  • Malic acidity: green apple.
  • Citric acidity: lemon.
  • Lactic acidity: milk or yogurt.


The body of the coffee refers to the weight on the tongue and mouth when we take a sip. One way to define the body is by making the following comparison with milk:

  • Whole milk: full body.
  • Semi-skimmed milk: medium body.
  • Skim milk: light body.


Some prefer sweet coffee, while others enjoy the bitterness of morning coffee. The beverage has sweet and bitter notes, and its flavors and aromas vary depending on factors such as growing conditions, soil type, species, and surrounding plantations.

 Cup profile

To taste the best coffee, you must have quality ingredients. At 360F Coffee, we guarantee balance in the profile of the final cup. 

Keep in mind the duration of the coffee’s flavor on the palate, evaluate the type of coffee, and practice regularly to train your sense of taste and smell to identify the characteristics that make up the perfect cup. Follow us!

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez