Instant and ground coffee: which is better?

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There is no doubt that coffee is our favorite drink, but what group of consumers are you in? Some choose ground coffee, and others prefer instant coffee; both versions are delicious, but each brings different benefits. We present the best of each so that you select and enjoy the one you like

Difference between instant coffee and ground coffee

Instant coffee 

Instant coffee revolutionized the market at one time and today remains a favorite among coffee lovers. Its flavor is delicious, and it is prepared quickly and easily at home.

If you wake up in the mornings wanting to have an easy coffee without wasting time, you should try instant coffee for its practicality.

The main virtue of instant coffee is its speed of preparation since people can instantly taste a cup of this drink anywhere or time of the day. Whether the product is powdered, grained, or ultra-fine, it is necessary to add hot water to have a mixture ready for consumption!

Instant products result from various processes, such as dehydration or freezing, so that you can get multiple textures in a few seconds!

Ground coffee

Ground coffee has higher purity as it has not been subjected to complex procedures and goes through three essential processes to create this product: roasting, crushing, and grinding before it is packed and distributed on the market. This type of coffee exudes intense aromas and flavors but requires different preparation and more time than instant coffee. 

Grinding is not the only thing that defines this type of coffee; there is an art and more personalized attention in a cup of ground coffee. The public can choose the level of roasting, acidity, and flavor notes printed on the product’s packaging.

The preparation of a ground coffee is a sensory taste and olfactory experience because the coffee is in a pure or natural state that requires filtering and traditional extraction processes or from a coffee maker that allows obtaining the benefits of the grain.

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