Italian coffee is a candidate to be Intangible Heritage of Humanity

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Coffee is a great tradition that has been passed down through the years among families in Italy. It goes beyond being a simple drink since Italian coffee is part of the culture of this European country. For this reason, it has been placed on the list of candidates to be Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Learn more with this article.

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Italian coffee is now on the UNESCO list

UNESCO has always sought to keep alive and rescue traditions around the world. That is why the Intangible Heritage of Humanity exists, a program that aims to maintain, promote and recover those actions, customs, festivities, meals, and even ancient languages ​​that are part of the great fabric that is the culture of humanity.

For this reason, Italy decided to offer its coffee for a candidacy, which becomes part of a list and is reviewed by UNESCO annually to determine which will be the new intangible heritage. However, the simple fact of being on the list of candidates is an achievement and pride for the country. As the undersecretary for agricultural, food, and foresters, Gian Marco Centinaio explains:

“In Italy, coffee is much more than a simple drink: it is a real ritual, an integral part of our national identity and is an expression of our sociality that distinguishes us in the world… the cup of espresso represents for all Italians a social and cultural ritual that is also reflected in literature, and that fascinates the whole country, from Naples to Venice to Trieste passing through Rome and Milan. All the more important candidacy in a historical moment, in which the pandemic restrictions penalized social relations, many of which were framed by the counter or the outdoor lounge of a bar in front of a good Italian coffee”, he concluded.

Italian coffee is considered an important point of the culture of this country and a great economical source. The culture of coffee and its community in Italy is very extensive, from producers to baristas, not to mention roasters and tasters. There is much to choose from and study when discussing this tradition in the European country.

Italian coffee

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