Lack of Creativity? Coffee Is What You Need!

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Over the decades, writers, journalists, and designers used coffee as a drink to enhance their creative process and gain a burst of energy at the same time. You could say that people are looking for divine intervention like the ancient Greeks did through wine.

However, while coffee is proven to impact our creative process, the reason behind its effectiveness is not what most people believe. Let’s look at how coffee can help overcome the lack of creativity.

The Ritual Of Coffee

Most people drink a cup of coffee while working on creativity-related tasks, such as writing or fashion design. Other people also enjoy this beverage during scientific investigations or math-related endeavors. 

The common belief is that coffee helps the human brain concentrate and liberate the creative aspect inside each person. However, it is not the drink itself that helps during this process, but the ritual of drinking coffee.

Sipping coffee while we work has shown that it greatly benefits people’s creative process, as the movement helps to gain concentration on the task at hand and brings oxygen to the brain. Additionally, caffeine stimulates the brain to accelerate its processes, creating a rush of energy that will help the person to complete their task in a short time.

Careful On How Much Coffee You Drink

While coffee is shown to increase people’s creative process, a high amount of caffeine can be harmful in creative tasks. As a stimulant, caffeine can overstimulate the nervous system, causing anxiety, jitteriness, arrhythmia, and headaches that will hamper and slow down the task.

Excess coffee can become a distraction rather than a solution, so it is better to regulate its consumption while working in the office.

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