Learn about coffee varieties

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It is said that taste lies in variety. For this reason, coffee has established itself as the second most popular drink globally since its beans serve as raw material to make a wide variety of exquisite drinks.

Experts in the industry classify more than 100 species of coffee in the world, but the main ones are Arabica and Robusta. Coffee species vary by region, and each coffee variety requires a roasting method according to the size of the grain. Additionally, the coffee we drink daily has a particular flavor linked to the species.

Take into account the coffee variety

Arabica coffee stands out for its high-quality cup. Both, Arabica and Robusta, make up the basic species; from these two arise other coffee varieties. The original plants have undergone modifications to adapt to new climatic conditions and resist pests.

The Arabica species is the most popular in the elite coffee industry, and there are two varieties of this species: pure, also called traditional, and hybrid.

Pure varieties

Typica is the original variety that came from Ethiopia four centuries ago. From this bean, new species have emerged from mutations.

Its sweet notes and clean acidity characterize it with a bright red cherry, and it’s a species vulnerable to pests.

Meanwhile, French colonizers brought the Bourbon to South America and East Africa through the colony of Bourbon. It is a natural mutation of the species Typica in the African islands of Bourbon. 

It has a particular sweetness, taste, and smell of fruits, and the cherry can have the colors red, yellow, or orange. The productivity of this species is high and can be cultivated in high-altitude lands. 

Other pure coffee varieties are caturra, maragogipe, and geisha.

Hybrid varieties

Hybrid varieties are those obtained after crossing traditional or pure species of Typica and Bourbon. They are quite resistant to pests and of good quality.

The main hybrid coffee varieties are: mundo novo, catuai, timor, catimor, and sarchimores. At 360F Coffee we have a wide variety of coffees from different countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. 

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