Learn about the traditional ways of drinking coffee

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Every consumer decides how to drink coffee according to their particular tastes and preferences, but there are traditional ways of drinking coffee around the world. Would you like to know them? Keep reading. 

Ways of drinking coffee 


Espresso coffee was born in Italy and spread worldwide, and most Europeans usually drink this coffee outdoors in cafes. There are multiple variants of espresso coffee, and even domestic espresso machines are manufactured and marketed to drink coffee at home. 

Short or long

Short or long coffee is the traditional espresso and is differentiated by the amount of water in the cup. The volume of water usually ranges from 20 to 50 cc.

With or without sugar/sweetener

Some people prefer to drink very sweet coffee, while others use sweeteners to avoid adding normal sugar and the bitter taste of coffee.


It is coffee that does not have caffeine because it has been extracted previously. 

Café Romano 

It is an espresso to which a few drops of lemon are added.

Turkish Coffee

It is prepared with ground coffee, 100 cc of water, and sugar. It is boiled three times, and a drop of cold water is added, allowing the coffee to deposit at the bottom of the container. It is not filtered, and it is ingested with the coffee powder. 

Coffee cutted

It is a simple coffee with a little whole hot milk or skims to remove the bitterness of the Latte coffee. It is a coffee with lots of hot milk, and you can choose between adding sugar or not. You can drink it at breakfast or at snack time. 


It is an espresso coffee to which heated milk is added to the vaporizer, acquiring a creamy consistency and a little sparkling. The cappuccino has its varieties, for example, the Viennese and the Triestine, but it depends on coffee drinking traditions.

But in addition to these great classics of the coffee world, some people drink coffee with liquor: carajillo, royal, cremat, queimada, grog, cubanito, Irish, antillano, French, and more. 

Inside the cold coffee, there are these varieties: iced coffee and coffee granita.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez