Liberica coffee: do you know this coffee variety?

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Everyone knows the arabica and robusta species, but only a few people have any information about Coffea Liberica, a rare species in the world. If you are curious about this species, discover everything in this post.

Where does the plant come from?

The plant came from Africa and began to be marketed in the 19th century. Being a fairly resistant species to pests and easily adapted, farmers transported it eventually to Asia.

Another reason for its transfer was that it could grow at low altitudes. From there, it spread to many other countries. Still, once Arabica coffee recovered from a fungus, the trade of Liberica coffee decreased since the flavor and aroma of Arabica coffee made a difference among coffee lovers.

Liberica Coffee: characteristics

  • It belongs to the botanical family of Rubiaceae.
  • Large shrubs, up to 20 m tall.
  • The fruit of the Coffea Liberica plant is Liberica coffee.
  • It constitutes between 1% and 2% of world consumption.
  • It is a widely consumed coffee in Asia, especially in the Philippines and Indonesia.

How is the the flavor and aroma of liberica coffee?

Liberica coffee has a strong, dense, smoky flavor with spicy floral notes. Because of its bitterness, most of those who consume this coffee are men.

In some countries, they call it “barako,” which translates into the Tagalog language as “macho” or “masculine.”

It has a very powerful and characteristic smell when roasting, and it is not a pleasant aroma. Some claim that its aroma resembles moldy cheese or a fruit known as durian, which has a very bad smell. However, once the coffee is prepared, it gives off a more pleasant aroma.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez