News: Loja wins the specialty coffee contest

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In 2022, The “Cup of Excellence” competition gave awards to three participants from Loja, a province of Ecuador with an extraordinary coffee culture. This specialty coffee contest was held for the first time in Ecuador last year; native producers achieved scores above 90.

This achievement makes clear the productive potential of the area, characterized by having the best specialty coffees in Ecuador. The three provincial producers were in the first three places on the podium.

Specialty coffee contest

The format of this competition is based on a rigorous tasting process in several phases. In each phase, the applicants accumulate points, and the one with the best score ends up being the contest winner.

The winners of the award ceremony, held in June 2022, are natives of Loja. The first place was achieved by Abel Salinas, with a score of 90.39, whose coffee of the typical variety was grown on the Arashi farm, located in the Saraguro area, Loja.

In second place, Pablo Eguiguren, owner of the El Aguacate farm, located in El Cantón, Loja. The producer presented the specialty coffee made with the sydra variety, which received a score of 90.21.

And in the third position, John Madison, producer of the South Alaska farm, Madison obtained 90.07 points from the jury for presenting a specialty coffee of the typical variety.

Ecuadorian specialty coffee

Specialty coffee from Ecuadorian lands has become an export quality drink and with great attributes to be successful in the international market.

From the beginning, Loja was emerging as a favorite in the contest. 24 of the 43 candidates came from the cultural capital of the country, 10 from Pichincha, 3 from Imbabura, 2 from Napo, 2 from Zamora, 1 from Pastaza, and 1 from Chimborazo.

Aspects to consider during the contest: score greater than 86 points, extensive knowledge about the benefits and particularities of Arabica coffee beans. The auction was held on November 23, 2022.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez