Mixology: what is its meaning, and how does it relate to coffee?

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Mixology refers to the art of knowing how to mix components or substances, an activity widely practiced by baristas and experts in the preparation of coffee. This post will go deeper into the term and its relationship with caffeinated beverages. 

What is mixology?

It is a very subtle art used to mix drinks, usually applied in cocktail and alcoholic beverage making. There are multiple types of cocktails adapted to the tastes and preferences of consumers. Hence, combining various alcoholic substances has become an art that takes time to learn and master. 

Mixology and the coffee

Baristas have created special blends based on coffee and alcoholic beverages, taking advantage of the different benefits of coffee depending on the cup’s profile, for example, bitter, intense or sweet taste, acidity, and the energy contribution of the beverage.

For this reason, coffee is an important ingredient to accompany cocktail recipes prepared in bars, restaurants, and discos. Regardless, there are also establishments specializing in offering a variety of types of coffee.  

Mixology has generated a wide range of options for consumers, allowing them to experience new flavors and formats to taste coffee. Of course, this variety creates unique needs, and baristas invest time and deploy creativity to prepare products that impact the market.

The public demands coffee-based alcoholic drinks, but these are not drinks that combine a cup of coffee with vodka or rum since there must be perfect harmony and balance between the ingredients of the preparation. A good mixologist combines both components according to the flavors and textures that best match so that the final drink satisfies the most demanding tastes. 

The final drink must impress the senses, be addictive after the first sip, and be extremely flavorful. Baristas use their ingenuity to invent new recipes in which coffee is the great protagonist.

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez