Motivation: be like the coffee bean!

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What is your attitude in difficult moments? Sometimes, we complain and regret when things don’t go our way. We have doubts, change our moods, and even think about giving up. It is normal to feel that way because life has pleasant moments but also some unpleasant ones.

To obtain results, we must have the best motivation and willingness to fight and get ahead. But, in the face of difficult circumstances, we must be like coffee!

To illustrate this strange comparison, we provide you with a story in which we urge you to have the attitude of coffee in the face of the problems that arise in life.

Encourage yourself to be like coffee!

A cook from a restaurant took three pots of water and started boiling them. The cook incorporated carrots in the first pot, eggs in the second, and coffee beans in the third.

All three pots were left to boil for 20 minutes to observe the results. After the elapsed time, the cook put out the fire.

He extracted the carrots, eggs, and coffee beans and placed them in separate containers. The cook touched the carrots and perceived them as soft. Then, he broke the shells of the eggs and perceived that it was hard. He then tried the cup of coffee and proved he could enjoy an exquisite drink.

What does this mean? All three ingredients were subjected to the same adversity: boiling water! But each of them reacted differently.

The carrot reached the water strong, solid, and robust, but after passing through the hot water, it became soft and easy to undo.

The eggs reached the fragile water with weak and thin shells to protect their internal contents, but after passing through the hot water, they hardened.

The coffee beans were unique; after boiling, they changed the aroma and flavor of the water.

Which of these three elements are you when you have problems? The carrot feels strong, but in the face of fatality, it becomes weak and without strength.

The egg appears fragile, with a soft heart and fluid spirit, but after mourning, breakup, or dismissal, it becomes hard and inflexible. On the outside, you look the same, but inside, your heart has hardened in the face of adversity.

Or are you a coffee bean? The coffee changed to water, the ingredient that caused her pain. When the water boils, the coffee reaches a wonderful aroma and flavor. Hopefully, we can all be like the coffee bean when the most difficult situations overwhelm us and things go wrong for us. We can react optimistically, radiate strength without letting ourselves be defeated, and let our entire environment change for the better. Follow us!

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez