Myths about the coffee expiration date

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Myths and legends are present around each theme, and coffee is no exception because there are some myths regarding the expiration date of this drink. In this post, we clarify the doubts about what is true and what are false beliefs transmitted from generation to generation. 

Coffee expires

Contrary to what many think, the coffee loses aroma, freshness, and flavor if it expires. To determine the expiration of the coffee, you must know the roasting date and expiration date or deadline for consumption after being subjected to processing and packaging. 

Roasted coffee is a noble product

Roasted coffee is difficult to break down or become affected by fungi and bacteria, but it has a life cycle. Merchants place on the label an expiration date, indicating that clients should not consume it for health reasons.

Some people think that coffee does not lose its organoleptic properties over time; however, this is false. Expired coffee loses quality, aroma, and flavor, even though it is very difficult to damage it.

Expired coffee can be consumed 

People should not consume expired coffee for health reasons, but experts point out that individuals can drink coffee as long as it is well packed and has two weeks of expiration. Ensure the packaging is closed, moisture-free, and no more than two weeks past due. 

Expired coffee keeps the taste 

This premise is completely false, and it’s a myth. You can store the coffee in an airtight container and keep it free of moisture, light, and heat in roasted or ground grain, but it will lose aroma and flavor over time. 

Ground coffee must be well preserved in a closed container and at room temperature for three months, but roasted coffee beans should be kept away from moisture and heat to preserve it for three to six months. While liquid or infusion coffee should be consumed 12 hours after serving, it can stay inside the fridge for 24 hours.

There is nothing better than a fresh coffee with texture, flavor, and aroma of gods. Be sure to drink it before it expires. Follow us on social networks and leave us comments about these myths to know your opinion. 

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