Should Teens Drink Coffee?

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Few people can resist the urge to enjoy coffee. It’s a drink that fills our hearts and minds with the energy necessary to do the daily task of life. While this energy can be beneficial to adults, the beverage still has negative effects on health if it is abused, especially for teenagers, whose body systems could get impacted quite hard from caffeine consumption. 

Let’s research if teenagers should drink coffee or if it is better to avoid it completely. 

Should Teens Drink Coffee?

Over the last two decades, teenagers have preferred caffeinated beverages for several reasons that go from alertness to energy to overcome their everyday routine. Among the more popular drinks that teenagers consume are energy drinks, caffeinated sodas, and coffee-based drinks, such as espressos and lattes. 

However, most of them don’t know that consuming these drinks can impact their body system quite hard, causing them several illnesses that could outweigh the benefits of ingesting them. 

How Coffee And Caffeine Affect The Organism Of Teenagers?

Coffee and caffeinated drinks stimulate the nervous system, allowing the person to feel a rush of energy and a heightened sense of alertness. Yet, overconsumption of these drinks can lead to several side effects. Some of them are: 

  • Increased blood pressure: coffee has oily elements called diterpenes, which affect the cholesterol absorption of the intestines, leading to high blood cholesterol and increasing the blood pressure of the organism.
  • Anxiousness: caffeine puts the organism on heightened alert, leading the consumer to have jitteriness or feel anxious towards anything across the room.
  • Arrhythmia: high caffeine consumption leads to overstimulation of the nervous system, leading the consumer to have heart conditions, such as arrhythmia and coronary diseases.
  • Insomnia: drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks at late hours of the day is not recommended since the rush of energy of these drinks affects the consumer’s circadian rhythm, disrupting their sleep hours and causing them to stay up at very late hours.
  • Gastric diseases: coffee has a strong acidic ph, which is not harmful to the digestive system in lower intakes. However, abusing its consumption could lead to several illnesses and conditions, such as stomach ulcers, acidic reflux, etc.

Teenagers should be careful while consuming coffee and caffeinated drinks since overconsumption could lead to several lifelong problems. It is recommended that they enjoy decaffeinated variants or consume more healthy beverages.

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