Soluble coffee: 5 curiosities you don’t know about this beverage

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Soluble coffee provides energy and awakens your senses quickly, and coffee lovers use this option when they do not have enough time to prepare coffee. But, behind this delicious invention of modernity, there are five curious facts worth knowing. Keep reading to find out!

1.Born in the 19th century

George Constant Washington was responsible for creating this wonderful formula in 1901. That year, he patented soluble coffee, a product that can dissolve in cold water quickly. 

2. Popularity 

The invention was patented in 1901 but became popular in 1938 through the company Nestlé. People could buy the product under the Nescafé brand in supermarkets. 

3. It spread rapidly throughout the world

From the decade of the 40s, the brand managed to consolidate itself in the international market, reaching France, the United Kingdom, and the United States in short time. Today, millions of consumers prepare instant coffee because it is a product with good flavor, practical, and easy to make.  

4. 15% of the consumer population prefer instant coffee

According to recent studies, 15% of coffee consumers choose soluble coffee, some for taste or aroma and others for comfort. 

5. The most popular in World War II 

Soluble coffee began to be marketed during World War II, as American soldiers drank coffee to stay active, making it the favorite drink of the military at the time. 

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Malbin Rodríguez
Malbin Rodríguez