¡Esta forma de tomar café te encantará!

Hay cientos de formas de tomar y combinar el café, haciendo que cada experiencia con esta bebida pueda resultar única y original si te propones innovar de vez en cuando en la cocina o en tu oficina.  ¿Cómo te gusta tomar el café? El café se puede consumir solo, cortado, espresso, con leche, largo, americano, […]

Differences between freeze-dried and soluble coffee

If you are one of those who like to get home and pour yourself a coffee quickly and conveniently, then this post is for you. Freeze-dried and soluble coffee are different, but their preparation is very fast and simple. The final consumer will have access to a delicious cup of coffee by adding a little […]

Mixology: what is its meaning, and how does it relate to coffee?

Mixology refers to the art of knowing how to mix components or substances, an activity widely practiced by baristas and experts in the preparation of coffee. This post will go deeper into the term and its relationship with caffeinated beverages.  What is mixology? It is a very subtle art used to mix drinks, usually applied […]

How to make milk froth for coffee

Getting a creamy, sweet and impeccably textured latte requires special methods. Nonetheless, people can create milk froth easily at home, just like real professionals do. We encourage you to prepare a dream milk froth to make your coffee look appetizing! Today, baristas create wonderful figures with milk froth for coffee, and if you want to […]