Learn about the countries where coffee is produced

There is a lot of work behind a simple cup of coffee. Coffee needs different conditions to be properly grown, harvested, produced, and details like diverse environments and even heights can result in different beans. That is why there is a place known as the coffee belt, a strip that passes through the planet’s equator, […]

Facts about coffee roasting

For everyone, coffee is a basic and essential drink, but there is a whole process behind a cup of coffee that takes time. One of the most important steps is roasting the coffee, a step that many people do not know or understand when it is here where all the flavor that goes in that […]

Tasting coffee: a new experience

When talking about tasting, people automatically think of wine, but anyone can do a tasting with any drink, although not everyone knows it. Coffee is no exception, and it is a practice that has been gaining ground in recent years. So in today’s article, we will cover the process of tasting coffee and its importance […]