Tips to avoid excessive coffee consumption

Drinking coffee has become a fantastic experience due to the many drinks you can prepare at any time of the day, creating a dynamic range of sensations for its flavor, aroma, and the feeling of well-being you perceive when drinking it. But, excesses or addictions never give good results and can negatively affect health. Follow […]

Chemistry and coffee: what can we observe in a cup of coffee?

Do you think that humans are the only ones who ingest caffeine? Drinking coffee is a daily practice, but something that seems simple hides many interesting and curious chemical phenomena in the universe.  This post will discuss chemistry, coffee, and what we can observe in a simple cup. Discovering more about chemistry and coffee Several […]

Does coffee help to improve memory?

It is scientifically proven that coffee improves memory. As you read, coffee helps us memorize or remember all kinds of information. Drink a cup of coffee and go ahead with this reading to learn more about it. A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore showed that caffeine use contributes to better retention […]

Caffeine in sports performance

The sports world must always be very controlled, especially regarding food and drinks. Several organizations thought that caffeine was one of these substances that affected sports performance for many years, even being on the list of doping substances. But currently, many experts and studies support caffeine as beneficial for athletes. Learn all about it in […]