Coffee dictionary: learn everything about this source of energy

Every niche has its vocabulary and terms; the same goes for coffee. The famous grain has its terminology, and behind each word is an interesting story that you should know.  To be more informed about its history, we offer a coffee dictionary to know exactly where some words used in the coffee industry come from. […]

Las mejores bebidas para el invierno

El invierno nos eriza la piel con sus vientos gélidos y temperaturas bajas, haciendo que aumenten nuestros deseos de consumir una bebida caliente y aromática para estabilizar el cuerpo.  Entre las mejores bebidas invernales se encuentra el café. Hay muchos tipos de café para recibir el invierno: espresso, con leche, cappuccino, latte, moka, latte mocha, […]

Learn about the traditional ways of drinking coffee

Every consumer decides how to drink coffee according to their particular tastes and preferences, but there are traditional ways of drinking coffee around the world. Would you like to know them? Keep reading.  Ways of drinking coffee  Espresso Espresso coffee was born in Italy and spread worldwide, and most Europeans usually drink this coffee outdoors […]