Discover new uses for coffee

Most people drink coffee and dispose of the waste, and this is because they are unaware that coffee is a biodegradable product that has other uses once we consume it. This post tells you how to take advantage of the used coffee grounds after the infusion has been prepared. New practical uses for coffee Coffee […]

Motivation: be like the coffee bean!

What is your attitude in difficult moments? Sometimes, we complain and regret when things don’t go our way. We have doubts, change our moods, and even think about giving up. It is normal to feel that way because life has pleasant moments but also some unpleasant ones. To obtain results, we must have the best […]

Why should roasted coffee not be stored in the refrigerator?

The virtues of a good coffee are its aroma and flavor, and that is why we advise you not to keep the roasted coffee in the refrigerator. It is better to use another storage method since storing coffee in the fridge is a method that affects the quality of coffee.  Before storing coffee using an […]