Coffee consumption in Spain and Latin America

We are in the third wave of coffee in Latin America and Spain, where coffee consumption continues to ascend. This phenomenon is because important aspects of coffee have been discovered, such as its nutritional properties, versatility in consumption, preparation, and multiple combinations. To learn more about coffee consumption in Spain and Latin America, we will […]

Tips to avoid excessive coffee consumption

Drinking coffee has become a fantastic experience due to the many drinks you can prepare at any time of the day, creating a dynamic range of sensations for its flavor, aroma, and the feeling of well-being you perceive when drinking it. But, excesses or addictions never give good results and can negatively affect health. Follow […]

Why Should You Use Coffee Filters

A filter protects the final beverage from the coffee ground particles moving towards the drink during the brewing process. However, this is not the only function of these elements.  Are you interested in knowing more about these tools? Keep reading to learn more about the coffee filter types, their role during the brewing process, and […]

Lack of Creativity? Coffee Is What You Need!

Over the decades, writers, journalists, and designers used coffee as a drink to enhance their creative process and gain a burst of energy at the same time. You could say that people are looking for divine intervention like the ancient Greeks did through wine. However, while coffee is proven to impact our creative process, the […]