News: Study affirms that coffee lengthens life span

A recent study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology revealed that drinking two to three cups of coffee daily could extend people’s lives and could also help prevent heart disease. The investigations included various types of coffee, ground, instant, and decaffeinated. Read on to learn a little more about the research findings. Coffee […]

The best coffee books

Reading a good book with a cup of coffee leads to an intimate moment that allows us to find ourselves while we enjoy the pleasant aroma that the infusion gives off, all at once! An experience that results in a magical change and lifts our mood. Do you like coffee and reading a good book? […]

Discover new uses for coffee

Most people drink coffee and dispose of the waste, and this is because they are unaware that coffee is a biodegradable product that has other uses once we consume it. This post tells you how to take advantage of the used coffee grounds after the infusion has been prepared. New practical uses for coffee Coffee […]

Desserts with coffee for Christmas

It is a tradition that our table is full of typical December dishes and a large number of desserts on Christmas night to please, in a special way, the palates of all family members and close friends. At 360F Coffee, we know the importance of these dates to promote family gatherings and celebrate the birth […]

Coffee with pumpkin

Coffee with pumpkin Pumpkin is a nutritious and healthy food that you can prepare in hundreds of ways: soups, desserts, salads, and coffee! Today, at 360F Coffee, we got creative, and we want to show you a coffee with pumpkin recipe that is worth trying since it is ideal as a snack at any time […]

How to prepare a slightly spicy coffee

Throughout history, people used cayenne or red pepper to flavor foods. This ingredient can naturally transform the flavor of coffee and add a dose of spice to the palate. Would you like to try a spicy coffee with red pepper? If you are interested in discovering more about spicy coffee, we will show you a […]

Motivation: be like the coffee bean!

What is your attitude in difficult moments? Sometimes, we complain and regret when things don’t go our way. We have doubts, change our moods, and even think about giving up. It is normal to feel that way because life has pleasant moments but also some unpleasant ones. To obtain results, we must have the best […]

Banana mousse with coffee: how to prepare it

Do you dare to combine bananas with coffee? Get out of the routine! Don’t limit yourself to the typical cup of coffee, and start exploring new flavors. Coffee serves as the main ingredient in multiple recipes, and one of them is the Banana mousse with coffee. Read carefully and try this delicious dessert! An easy […]

Coffee mojito: how to prepare it

The cocktails enchant us! The sun embraces us with its rays and invites us to drink something refreshing. Do you fancy a mojito? This post tells you how to prepare a Coffee Mojito quickly, economically, and easily.  We know that you love coffee, and that is why we offer you a soft drink that combines […]

Does coffee help to improve memory?

It is scientifically proven that coffee improves memory. As you read, coffee helps us memorize or remember all kinds of information. Drink a cup of coffee and go ahead with this reading to learn more about it. A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore showed that caffeine use contributes to better retention […]