Coffee waves: what is their meaning

Coffee is a powerful wave of flavor that transmits energy and motivation, and to be honest, no one can help but smile when baristas bring their creativity to the designs in a cup of coffee. In the world of coffee, a “coffee wave” refers to many people who enjoy consuming coffee in the morning or […]

Motivation: be like the coffee bean!

What is your attitude in difficult moments? Sometimes, we complain and regret when things don’t go our way. We have doubts, change our moods, and even think about giving up. It is normal to feel that way because life has pleasant moments but also some unpleasant ones. To obtain results, we must have the best […]

Did you know people used to drink coffee on a plate in the past?

We still use a small plate under our coffee cup today, but have you ever wondered what this dish is for? How did this custom come about? This formality is very old and has its history, and we will tell you all about it! The invention of the plate that accompanies the cup of coffee […]

Why is it important to dry coffee?

Most people worldwide start their day with a delicious cup of coffee, but what most people do not know is that morning coffee results from an extensive and complex process in which many talented people are involved in materializing the delicious drink.  The chain of work of the coffee farmers begins with soil nutrition, planting, […]

Work cafe: a new space for the benefit of employees

As time progresses, working conditions have changed. The business sector knows that for the company to have high productivity and quality, it is necessary to keep the employees happy. But it is not only about the salary part, the workplace has become important for the comfort of the workers. From there arises the work cafe, […]