Soluble coffee: 5 curiosities you don’t know about this beverage

Soluble coffee provides energy and awakens your senses quickly, and coffee lovers use this option when they do not have enough time to prepare coffee. But, behind this delicious invention of modernity, there are five curious facts worth knowing. Keep reading to find out! 1.Born in the 19th century George Constant Washington was responsible for […]

Curiosities about coffee

Coffee is a delicious product, full of tradition and with many anecdotes around it. Its history and origins are part of our daily life, and the portal published an interesting infographic about coffee that reflects curious facts you may not know. We’re sure more curious facts will pop out in the future, but for […]

Should Teens Drink Coffee?

Few people can resist the urge to enjoy coffee. It’s a drink that fills our hearts and minds with the energy necessary to do the daily task of life. While this energy can be beneficial to adults, the beverage still has negative effects on health if it is abused, especially for teenagers, whose body systems […]

Lack of Creativity? Coffee Is What You Need!

Over the decades, writers, journalists, and designers used coffee as a drink to enhance their creative process and gain a burst of energy at the same time. You could say that people are looking for divine intervention like the ancient Greeks did through wine. However, while coffee is proven to impact our creative process, the […]