Discover new uses for coffee

Most people drink coffee and dispose of the waste, and this is because they are unaware that coffee is a biodegradable product that has other uses once we consume it. This post tells you how to take advantage of the used coffee grounds after the infusion has been prepared. New practical uses for coffee Coffee […]

Banana mousse with coffee: how to prepare it

Do you dare to combine bananas with coffee? Get out of the routine! Don’t limit yourself to the typical cup of coffee, and start exploring new flavors. Coffee serves as the main ingredient in multiple recipes, and one of them is the Banana mousse with coffee. Read carefully and try this delicious dessert! An easy […]

Recipe: enjoy a delicious bombon coffee!

Can you imagine the pleasure of mixing coffee with condensed milk? The sensory experience is unique, as its smell, color, flavor, and creamy texture make us vibrate in every sip of coffee. The sweetness of condensed milk and the mild bitterness of coffee are combined and paired in a delicious drink called bombon coffee.  Not […]

Recipe: coffee sauce to accompany meats

Did you know that coffee can become a delicious ingredient in sauces? Coffee, as well as being an energy drink, can also be used to accompany meat and fish. Today we will teach you to prepare a novel recipe for coffee sauce to make a surprising lunch for both white and red meat and fish. […]

Coffee macarons: how to prepare them?

The versatility of coffee has no limits, and today at 360F Coffee, we show you this sweet and delicious recipe for lovers of pastries and good coffee. Dare to prepare some delightful coffee macarons by following the steps we mention below. Recipe of coffee macarons With these ingredients and the precise instructions to prepare the […]

Chocolate and coffee sponge cake recipe

Coffee and chocolate make a fantastic pair because they conquer hearts and overflow with irresistible flavors. Mochaccino espresso proves that both are amazing when both come together in the same cup. But this is not the only way to combine them; you can also make delicious desserts with these two ingredients, for example, a delicious […]

Coffee jelly: learn this simple and delicious recipe

Gelatin is always present at birthday parties, but have you tried a coffee-flavored one? If you like gelatin and coffee, we show you how to combine them to get a delicious dessert that you can consume at any time of the day. Read on to learn how to make coffee jelly.  Enjoy a delicious coffee […]