Banana mousse with coffee: how to prepare it

Do you dare to combine bananas with coffee? Get out of the routine! Don’t limit yourself to the typical cup of coffee, and start exploring new flavors. Coffee serves as the main ingredient in multiple recipes, and one of them is the Banana mousse with coffee. Read carefully and try this delicious dessert! An easy […]

Cookie coffee cake: a simple but delicious recipe

Would you like to pamper the little ones in the house with a delicious snack? If so, we have a dazzling recipe to please the whole family, especially the home’s children. Look for pencil and paper to make a delicious cookie coffee cake.  The recipe is practical and economical, as it does not require complex […]

Coffee flan: try this delicious recipe

If having a coffee a day provides a feeling of happiness, imagine if we make a delicious dessert with it: a pleasant delight! In this post, we break the mold and teach you how to prepare an easy, quick, and succulent recipe: coffee flan. Please your child or partner with a delicious coffee-flavored dessert on […]